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About the Survey


Established in 2002, The Sinai Community Health Survey is the largest community-driven health survey ever to be conducted in Chicago.  The purpose of the Sinai Survey is to:

  1. Document the health status of selected community areas in Chicago

  2. Understand the social factors associated with health-related behaviors, service utilization, and outcomes

  3. Use findings to develop public health interventions and policies to address health inequities


The Sinai Survey 2.0 was launched in October 2013 with generous funding from the Chicago Community Trust, and includes approximately 500 questions on child and adult health

(see health topics). The final survey instrument was designed and approved in collaboration with a Community Advisory Committee.


The Survey Research Laboratory was contracted to administer the survey face-to-face to a randomly selected representative sample from 9 Chicago Community Areas. Data collection began in Spring 2015 and completed in Fall 2016. To see findings from the Sinai Community Health Survey 2.0, see our initial report.


For additional information see our Sinai Survey 2.0 Report or contact Jana Hirschtick at

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