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The Importance of Local Level Data


There are a variety of health data sources available for Chicago at the city level that are used to inform health interventions and policies. Yet city level averages often mask important differences in health outcomes at the community level. For example, the prevalence of diabetes in Chicago was 5% when the last Sinai Community Heath Survey was conducted in 2002. However, survey data uncovered a diabetes prevalence of 14% in Humboldt Park, a rate almost three times higher than the city average. Based on this finding, funding was secured to initiate a community diabetes prevention program in Humboldt Park.


This is just one example of the ways in which community-level data can be used to highlight areas of need and direct resources accordingly. Sinai Survey 2.0 findings can be used to create the community health profiles needed for funding proposals, policy initiatives, and program planning. Findings from the initial Sinai Survey in 2002 led to the development of over 20 health programs and over $12 million in funding.


For a full description of these efforts, please click here.

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