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Community Advisory Committee


The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a diverse group of individuals who live and work in the 9 communities included in the current Sinai Community Health Survey. Learn more about the community representatives and their organizational affiliations.


With deep knowledge of their communities and the health concerns of residents, the CAC is an integral part of the community-based survey process and a large reason why the previous survey effort was so successful in translating the data findings into effective interventions.


The CAC provides general oversight to ensure that the survey is grounded in community efforts and reflects the needs of the community. Specifically, the CAC is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Selecting the final survey questions

  • Promoting the survey to increase community participation

  • Assisting in interpreting and disseminating survey findings

  • Applying survey findings to improve community health and wellbeing


CAC members expressed a high level of satisfaction with the survey review process and eagerness to utilize survey findings to benefit their communities.


“It was great to be around a diverse group of caring and devoted people. I learned from so many, and I am most grateful that my community will now be considered for this survey that will come out in the spring. All I can do now is pay close attention to the possibilities and the goodness that can come from this work,” said Maggie Perales of the Southwest Organizing Project in Gage Park.


“I found the CAC to be informative and inclusive as we explored heath care and broader community concerns. I also learned a great deal about other communities and their perceptions about health, self-identity, and the impact of religion and culture on health care decisions. I am looking forward to the results of the upcoming 2014 survey and how each community will utilize the data to advocate for services that will address health care disparities. I am grateful that I was chosen to participate in the CAC and that the 2014 survey will include the Englewood community,” said Rev. Gay Chism of West Englewood.

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